Water Microfilters

Water microfilters allow you to safely purify water found in nature and are now considered to be an essential piece of equipment to have in your bag. They are perfect for going on a day hike, backpacking, international travel, or simply camping with the family. Prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years and they are now cheap enough and small enough that all people going into the great outdoors should consider them. Water microfilters quickly remove bacteria (such as E. coli) and protozoan cysts (such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium) from natural sources and prevent you from getting sick.

I started WaterMicrofilters.com to offer reviews on the latest water microfilters and purifiers on the market. I’m an avid backpacker in the high peaks of New York and New Hampshire. I have tested several of the models found on my website in stores or in the field – hopefully you will find the best water microfilter for your needs!


If you are in the middle of nowhere traveling or hiking, could you really afford to get sick? If you run out of potable water that you packed in, what would you do?

Besides their obvious health benefits, many users of water purifiers say they pay for themselves just in the weight they save in your pack. A three-day backpacking trip could require as much as 20 pounds of water for drinking and cooking per person. Purchasing a water microfilter will not only decrease the weight of your pack, but your entire traveling party’s backpacks as well. Trust me, they will thank you.

Many people can be overwhelmed by the many styles and features of water filters and purifiers, and my goal for this site is to help you make an informed decision on the best model for your needs. Take time to look around the site, and best of luck with your new water microfilter!

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